Ongoing Super Boy, World-changing Engine and other Documentaries

At the moment, several documentaries of Oriental Companion Media are well underway, including Super Boy, World-changing Engine, Muse Journey and South Silk Road. Each and every associate at the Company is committed to the cause of documentary. This is not just a devotion, but also a responsibility - a responsibility to present perfect works to China's documentary market.

Documentary Super Boy,It's a story about a group of post-90s boys who pursue for music dream and grow perversely. The documentary points to the new life and inner challenge of Top 3 contestants of 2013 Super Boy and other companions. Amid the severest live contest show and huge pressure, they express themselves with their own choice and endeavor. Contest show creates new artists, but where the original boys will retain their natural youth? Could they embrace whole-new ego and get hold of losses and gains? What print have they impressed on youthfulness during the decade-long talent competition? What have pressed us to grow up stubbornly? At this point, shooting work has been completed and post production is also approaching the end. It's expected to be showed in China in the summer of 2014.

World-changing Engine,Under the background that diesel engine has made great contributions to the entire humankind, the documentary works to highlight the world-class technology and contribution of Bosch in the field of diesel engine. The subjective shot of first person is used to elaborate the story. In the reappearance paragraph under this concept, there aren't descriptions on the leading character. Rather, it shows the history heaving in the sight of the figure, or mystification and exclamation of the character transcending the current moment.

Muse Journey (temporary name),This is a 5-episode documentary about exceptional women in the cultural and art field. Starting with the trip that life transcends limit, the program looks for five ladies with international horizon and background. Within their orbit of life are stories, spiritual demonstration, self will and universal social influence. They are adventurers spanning geographic coordinates and spaces in the ever-changing world and their life is definitely a journey inspiring others.

South Silk Road,This is a 6-episode high-definition documentary about the South Silk Road.Known as the "Sichuan-India Route" in the ancient times, South Silk Road represents an ancient business route beginning from Chengdu, Sichuan, through Yunnan to India. With a total length of over 2,000km, it's one of the eldest international routes of China and was developed as early as in the Western Han Dynasty more than 2,000 years ago. It starts from Chengdu and Yibin, Sichuan Province, goes southwest and leaves the country from Dehong; enters into Burma and Thailand, and then reaches India and the Middle East. The mysterious route hidden in high mountains and gorges and deep in the history echoes the Silk Road in northwest China and the Maritime Silk Road in southeast as they grow alongside the Chinese civilization and witness the integration process of the world culture.