Liang Bibo Studio

Liang Bibo was born in the 1960’s. Between 1983 and 1992, he worked as a researcher in the agricultural field. Since 1992, he has dedicated his life to documentary film making. His current assignments include: director of the Liang Bibo Studio within the Central New Film Group; member of experts studio of Sichuan TV; senior reporter. Among other honors over his career, he has been appointed an expert by the State Council, won a national Labor medal and is a regular jury in international events. He was also selected among the 100 best Chinese television artists, got a special prize for his professional achievements and has been invited as a visiting scholar by several American universities.

Main works – Over the last 20 years. Liang Bibo directed more than 80 documentary series, documentary films as well as one feature film for CCTV, the Central Documentary Studio, Phoenix TV, Discovery Channel et other media organizations. His works won six international prizes and were selected in about 15 international documentary events. The award-winning films include:
"Winter" was awarded best documentary short-film prize and best documentary photography of the 15th edition of the TV Golden Eagles (199)7. "Home-Coming in Grand-daughter" won a special prize during the la 20th edition of the Film du Réel Festival (Paris, 1999).
"Marriage" won the grand prize of the International Visual Arts Festival in Hungaria (2000) and the grand prize of the 5th edition of the Astra Festival in Roumania (2000).
"Raising Baby Giant Panda” won the jury special prize (nature and environment category) during the 9th edition of the Golden Pandas International TV Festival in Sichuan (2007).
"Baichuan Primary School” won the Xinguang Prize, organized by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (2009).
"Tai-chi", digital film was awarded the best film prize in the 28th edition of the International Sport Film Festival in Milan (2010).
"An Eternal Lamb” was selected by the Montreal international Film Festival (2010) and won the best fiction feature film of the Asian-American International
Film Festival (2011). It also was nominated in several categories for the Chinese Golden Rooster prize in 2011.
The historical documentary series "Memories from the Sichuan Museum construction" (10 episodes), "Shining Red Star upon China " (20 episodes) and "Whampoa Military Academy" (12 episodes) have been broadcasted on CCTV, Phoenix TV and a dozen national channels. They also were broadcasted on foreign channels such as NHK (Japan), Arte (France-Germany), Animal Planet (USA-UK), SBS (Australia) and the national channel in Finland and Romania.

International Events – In 2001, invited as a visiting scholar in New-York to conduct research in TV field – Since 2004, attended a dozen international festival as a member of the jury – Beside the above mentioned films, Liang Bibo has been involved in shootings, invited to attend conferences or academic gatherings in numerous countries in America, Europe or Asia.

Teaching – Since 2000, Liang Bibo has been teaching part-time in the TV film of the Sichuan University and the Sichuan Normal School. Several of his works are used today as educational material in influent Chinese universities, including the Beijing Film Academy, as well as foreign educational education, such as the Cambridge website (United Kingdom).

Academic Duties – Liang Bibo is a member of the work committee of the Television Broadcasters Association and executive director of the documentary academic committee of the Television Artists Association.