About Us

Oriental Companion Media (Beijing) Co., Ltd was established in 2007 and is managed by an international level production team. This production company is jointly owned by the documentary unit of the China Central Television (CCTV) and the Companion Culture Group. Our elder sister organization – CCTV documentary unit – was created in Yan’an in 1938 by a celebrated team of documentary filmmakers and has therefore more than 70 years of experience. Our second investor, the Companion Culture Group, was initially born in 1926 as an illustrated magazine. Over its 80 years of history, it remained faithful to its primary mission: spreading and promoting Chinese traditional culture along the various cycles of its history while adapting to technological evolution and new media formats. Sticking to its principles of heritage celebration, pursuit of quality and good taste, cultural tolerance and international cooperation, the Oriental Companion production company prides itself of an undeniable influence among audiovisual production and museum multimedia professionals in China. But above all, Oriental Companion wants to keep growing as a worldwide documentary platform for the pan-media era and will always feel stimulated by cultural promotion, knowledge deepening and creative thinking.