Multimedia Department

Since the very beginning, our multimedia team has providing services to well-known Chinese museums. For them, we have produced major projects. We are partners and regular service providers of multimedia content and films for the Beijing Capital museum, the Shanghai museum, the Beijing Traditional Architecture museum and the Shenzhen museum.


Business analysis - Digitization and use of multimedia technology in museums is getting widespread. Traditional exhibitions techniques today need to be combined with various technological supports in order to maximize their global level of exposure. We keep developing the technological compliance of museums’ collections across the country and do build on their behalf interactive platforms to better promote the added value of these new media. We also try to expand the application scope of the new media in museums and to assist their teams throughout the process of technological upgrading.

Project planning -  Our first goal is cultural diffusion. To reach it, we use an innovative approach; we do focus on aesthetics and the use of new communication technologies. Each project is designed on the basis of innovation, aesthetics and technology. Because we insist on meeting the specific needs of each client, we strive to review all details from the planning and designing process to the actual project implementation.

Content Production - Visual expression supported by technology can optimize a project’s results. To achieve this, we use visual design, interactive design, UI design, computer programs design, images editing, 3D & animations design and post-production special effects. We do pay attention to every step of the process, with a constant motto: let’s reach excellence!

Management and project coordination-  An outstanding management method is the only way to guaranty adequate diffusion and make sure an initial strategy won’t deviate from its route along the implementation process. When we develop a project, we strive to respect the schedule of the various stages as well as qualitative results. We always try to pass smoothly the strictest evaluation tests while respecting the allotted time… not a small feat!